Saturday, June 27, 2009

Checking in....

It's been quite some time but with two part-time jobs plus home-keeping (another whole fulltime job in my view) I have been kept very busy.

Just wanted to note outcome of my using bicarb soda venture - I'm sure my salt/bicarb mix whitened my teeth quite a bit which was a huge bonus other than the money saving side of it BUT I found with continual use that the roof of my mouth would get sore (a little skin would peel off) or I would end up with an ulcer if I didn't rinse my mouth properly which was more my fault than the bicarb's. I was so upset about this because I loved using it. I really got use to the taste and feel of it and it made my mouth and teeth feel especially clean. I have read contradicting things about the harshness on teeth - some saying dentists reckon it will damage teeth and others saying it it just fine. So, armed with all this info I have decided to try using the bicarb/salt mixture once or twice a week tops and toothpaste for the other times and see how that goes.

I also liked what it did for my hair - felt like it had more body BUT again, I started to have breakages along the front of my hair line and that was enough for me to stop that little experiment :(

Love to use it for cleaning though. My DH cleaned out my oven the other day using the vinegar / bicarb trick and some steelo it came up a treat - thanks DH!

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